• Do not touch the electrical wires or electrical system outside your premises. Please call the BEDC Engineer in case of any problem.
  • Do not touch any bare/ exposed conductor with your bare hands.
  • Do not use electrical appliances and switches with wet hands.
  • Turn power points off before plugging in/ plugging off the appliances.
  • Only Trained Electrician should be permitted for electrical repairs and works.
Staff & Electricians/consultants
  • Follow Safety Guidelines strictly.
  • Person working on electrical systems should be well trained and should have a permission to work on the system.
  • Where work is in progress the area should be demarked with Caution Tape and Sign Board.
  • Personal Protective Equipment’s like Hand gloves, helmets, safety tools etc. should be used while working on electrical systems.
  • In case of electrical shock, shock treatment guidelines should be used to help the victim and he/she should be immediately evacuated for medical care.
  • High efficiency appliances consuming low energy bulbs are recommended for use.
  • Switch off Lights and appliances when not in use.
  • Air conditioned rooms should be well insulated and windows/ doors should be kept closed. Set temperature optimally.
  • Lower thermostat temperature on your water heater. Use lower capacity water heaters and heat optimally.
  • Air Dry clothes instead of using electrical heaters.

About Us

Benin Electricity DisCo (“BEDC” or “Benin Disco”) is one of the successor distribution companies created following the unbundling and privatization of the state-owned Power Utility, Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc.


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