The attention of the Management of BEDC Electricity Plc (BEDC) has been drawn to newspaper reports in the online edition of The Punch and in the hard copy edition of the Guardian newspapers of Wednesday August 5, 2020 with the headline: BEDC killing economy with outages in which the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Ekiti State branch, staged a protest at the BEDC office lamenting about power outages, estimated billing and alleged extortion of consumers by BEDC.

We found it disheartening that an organized labour union will embark on protest to a service provider without official notification or even public announcement and official correspondence explaining the basis for such protest or even give us the benefit of the doubt by allowing us to explain our position on why electricity services quality is affected as their alleged grievance.

However, as responsive corporate organization committed to serving customers better we shall provide ample insights into the dynamics of electricity service delivery in a sector that has a value chain comprising of gas suppliers, generation companies (electricity producers), transmission and distribution and which puts distribution companies (discos) including BEDC at the end of the power sector mile.

Our core value as one of the distributors in the Nigeria power sector is to give adequate power to all esteemed customers, in a safe and steady manner. BEDC adopts the best business practices to satisfy customer needs, whilst ensuring fairness to these legitimate customers, with the expectation that power supplied is paid for.

When we took over the business in 2013, the company followed the category of customers as designed by the regulator-Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), (Industrial, Government Establishments & Street Lights, Commercial, Residential and Communities) which enables us to interface with all parties and focus on the need of each category of customers.

From the industrials who were short of constant, reliable power to drive their businesses down to the residential who need supply for their daily activities were not left out. We set up a communication link to build a relationship with all customers in order to elicit feedbacks and address all complaints from our franchise states.

As a value chain, the commencement process in taking power to the public is TCN. When TCN makes bulk power available, Distribution companies like BEDC take same and distribute/sell to end users.

Below are a few key facts:

  • Power supply to Ekiti state is obtained from Akure – Ilesha Road TS where approximately 15MW of energy is released And Omuaran TS where approximately 7MW of energy is released
  • Total supply to Ekiti State from the 2 Transmission Stations mention above is approximately 22MW
  • Ado TS is getting supply from Akure TS which  has load limitation due to the under sized conductor used between Oshogbo and Akure. This line is feeding two Transmission Stations: Akure as well Ado Ekiti.
  • The impact of the load limitation on the Transmission line is that power availability to Ekiti (from Akure) cannot be increased from 15MW even though the current installed capacity is 120MVA
  • The solution to the load limitation is 2-fold, first is the replacement of the undersized conductor of the 132KV line between Oshogbo and Akure, second is to expedite  the commissioning of  330/132/33kv OGBESE [Akure] TCN  with installed capacity of 2x150MVA  330/132kv and  2x60MVA  132/33kv Power Transformers
  • The solution stated above will release the deficit of 105MW to Ekiti State
  • Actual load demand for Ekiti State is 71.2MW while TCN total load allocation is 22MW. There is serious short fall in load allocated to Ekiti State from TCN due to network bottlenecks.

For customer complaints and enquires kindly call our call Centre on 08039012323 or 081-39841391 or email or better still use any of our social media channels on @bedcpower.



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