I need a meter, how do I get one?

Visit any BEDC office and request to see the new service officer, you will be given a new connection form to fill, upon the submission of the form, an officer will be sent to assess the load demand in your premises who will advise on the type of meter needed for your premises.Having done the inspection, you will be given a customised bank teller to make payment after which you will be metered within a 45 day limit.

What is CAPMI?

CAPMI means Credited Advance Payment for Metering Implementation, it is the new metering policy of the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) designed to make meters available to all electricity customers.

How much do I pay for meter processing fee?

With the new metering policy, a customer does not pay any processing fee to process a meter under the CAPMI scheme after having paid the meter cost fee.

I have a functional meter but my meter is not being read.

Make a formal complaint on your meter not being read to the customer center.if it persists for more than a period of three consecutive months, visit your service office to investigate what could be the cause so as to correct the trend.

Will my outstanding debt on old PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) bills be wiped off on in the new BEDC bill?

All old outstanding debts on old PHCN bills will be migrated to the new BEDC bills for the customer to pay.

How do I get a fault cleared on time?

Whenever there is a fault in your area, please don’t hesitate to report it to the nearest BEDC office or call any of our customer care officers in your area to lodge the complaint to enable us attend to you promptly.

What payment channels are available for payments aside payments in BEDC cash offices?

You can make your payments through participating banks, online, Designated PoS terminals – The Orange box

Is prepayment meter better than the credit post-paid meter?

Prepayment meter and credit meter are quite the same, they both record customer energy consumption in a same way, the only difference is in the mode of collecting revenue for energy sold, while one pays ahead before service, the other pays after the consumption of the energy.

How do I determine the type of meter needed for my premises?

When you make a meter application, the BEDC officer that inspects the load demand of your house advice on the type of meter needed for your premises based on his report.

The voltage profile in my area is bad, what could be the cause?

Low voltage could be as a result of customers using undersize cables for their electrical wirings or undersize electrical conductors mostly in new developing settlements which tend to drop the voltage level as more connections are made on it. Lodge information on this to your nearest service center

The last payment I made was not credited to my account, what do i do?

Please report formally to any BEDC office; customer care center, or using our online platform any payment not credited after the second month of payment.

How do I seek redress for any bad customer service?

You can report all acts of bad customer service to any of our customer service officers or by using our online platform to lodge your complaint and be rest assured that your complaint will be taken care of.

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