We aim to support the rights of our customers by providing meters to accurately measure customer’s energy consumption to promote transparency, ensure quality service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Below are the options of procuring meters from us;

  1. Request in person – Speak with a customer care officer in your local business unit office.
  2. Request Online      – Complete the requisite form and you would be contacted with further instructions.

*** As part of our commitment to efficient service delivery, we aim to meter our customers in not more than 45 days after payment has been made.

*** All payments are to be made to designated BEDC bank accounts as provided on submission of Form 74.



You would need to meet a customer care officer who would give you “FORM 74” with requisite instructions. The steps are as stated below;

  • Premises must be completely wired and inspected by a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LECAN).
  • The Form 74 must be endorsed by the LECAN.
  • Load capacity of premises is determined before payment to the bank.
  • Proof of payment is provided for installation.
  • Meter is installed, energized and tested.
  • Customer feedback is provided.

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