BEDC begins Service-Based Tariff

In line with the outcome of customers feedback on providing improved service, and in furtherance of improvements in the quality and quantity of electricity supply, BEDC Electricity Plc (BEDC) has commenced the implementation of a new Service-Based Tariff structure effective from Tuesday, September 1st, 2020.

The new  Service-Based Tariff (SBT) is a leap into a regime where customers of BEDC across the franchise states of Delta, Edo, Ekiti, and Ondo will be migrated to a threshold where there will be continuous improvement in the quality of service delivery that is offered, based on contemplated incremental investments well above historical past investments.

In practical terms, the new SBT will allow BEDC customers to enjoy  hours of power availability and also pay for appropriate rates for services rendered based on this  availability. The selective change in tariff will essentially affects customers that live in areas where BEDC provides electricity for at least 12hours per day, thereby enabling customers to better plan their  utilization of electricity.

BEDC recognizes that significant improvement in electricity supply would require investments in reinforcing feeders, transformers, protection equipment, and other components, and ensuring improved metering. Therefore a Service-Based Tariff shall provide a financial remedy to bolster improved service defined in terms of hours of supply indicated by availability, reliability, and quality whilst recognizing the changes in macroeconomic indices – forex, inflation, cost of capital, etc.

To operationalize the new service dispensation, customers will be disaggregated into various clusters/bands based on their hours of service and using number of hours of daily availability as a measure to determine the tariff rates. Those with daily power avaliability  of 12 hours and above will be paying more than those with less avaliability. The new tariff regime also provides that customers can move to upper bands of more daily power availability as their quality of service improves and accordingly pay appropriate rates.  Ultimately, customers will pay for service commensurate to the number of hours of supply received.

The customers will be disaggregated into new bands for electricity service delivery as follows:


Band A Minimum of 20 hours supply
Band B Minimum of 16 hours supply
Band C Minimum of 12 hours supply
Band D Minimum of 8 hours supply
Band E Minimum of 4 hours supply


The existing operating method of Load Management Schedule shall be rearranged to take cognizance of this new Service Based Tariff structure as we seek to match service delivery with appropriate tariff and payment of bills. BEDC has embarked on further maintenance of its electricity distribution equipment to reduce frequent breakdowns and disruption in supply to customers, while also beefing up power availability substantially to coverage areas. We expect that the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) will give its technical support towards ensuring the realization of the improved service objective.



BEDC assures customers of its commitment to the implementation of a new Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) which will ensure progressive improvement in service quality for those customers who currently receive low service and subsequently graduate them to appropriate tariff band as service improvements continues.  Similarly, the strengthening of customer care centers to improve responses to customers’ complaints and acceleration of metering  are BEDC’s cardinal objectives.

Given the new dispensation, BEDC hereby solicits for the full cooperation of customers by ensuring the sustainability of this new service mantra by paying appropriately service-aligned electricity bills as at when due whilst avoiding unsafe practices within the network including energy theft. Electricity consumers under our franchise are assured of expedited metering.

Further information on this new service charter, as well as applicable the tariff band is  available through the various customer care centers as well as the respective business units. Please call our contact channels below for additional clarification or our business offices within your location.


BEDC…………..Committed to serving you better.



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